Right from the beginning, our core values have always driven our actions and decisions in the present so that in the future we will continue to have a business that we are proud of – and others are proud to be involved with.

Farm Fresh Fine Foods is part of the Steinhardt Corporation, a family company that was founded by Ron and Marion Steinhardt in 1958.

The company has seen many changes since it started as a tomato and zucchini growing operation. These days, Farmfresh Fine Foods is focused on being a processor supporting growers in the local region rather than being a grower ourselves. Our sister company, Macadamias Australia, is one of the Bundaberg region’s largest growers and processors of macadamia nuts.

Something that has never changed however, is the values of family, purpose, faith, humility and having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ that were instilled in us by Ron and Marion as the foundation for everything we do.

Today, several generations of the family work in the business and we seek to continue the legacy for generations to come.

So what is our legacy?

A definition of legacy that we like is ‘a situation that has developed as a result of past decisions and actions’ (from Cambridge Dictionary).

When we allow good values to guide our decisions and actions now, we keep our business on the right path for the future. When people hear our name we want them to think of a company that produces uncompromising quality products, that values people, and is respected in our community.

We are building a business not just for future generations of our immediate family, but for our wider family of employees, other businesses that depend on us, and the community as well.

That’s what it means to be a legacy family, and that’s what it means to be part of the Farmfresh Fine Foods family.