Our Products

At Farmfresh Fine Foods all of our products begin with vegetables picked fresh in one of Australia’s premier food-producing regions, Bundaberg, Queensland. Our roasted, pasteurised and frozen vegetable products have been developed by experienced food technologists and chefs to precise standards.

Roasted vegetable iqf


Put delicious flame-roasted vegetables on your menu without the operational hassles of preparing and cooking them from scratch.

Charworks Premium Roasted Vegetables is Australia’s first fully-prepared range of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) flame roasted vegetables for the foodservice market.

Our freezing process locks in the natural flavour and freshness of the vegetables. The Charworks range comes ready to heat and be plated as a stand-alone side, or be added to a variety of recipes.

Puree, Mash & Soup

From creating soul-warming soups to party-starting dips, chefs love the convenience, freshness and flavours of our versatile range. Our fresh vegetables are cooked and then chilled fast creating flavoursome and colourful purees, mashes and soups that are a breeze for kitchen staff to work with and that will delight the tastebuds of discerning diners.


Cooked and then chilled in the heart of the iconic Australian produce growing region of Bundaberg, Queensland, our diverse range of vegetables leaves here diced and sliced ready for use in a range of dishes only limited by a chef’s imagination.



food innovation

The diverse range of fresh produce available to Farmfresh Fine Foods coupled with our flexible processes means that we are able to work with you to develop vegetable supply solutions tailored to meet your exact needs.